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Dark Supermarkets.

Online food shopping: What is a 'dark' supermarket? 17 January 2014 Last updated at 09:50 GMT On the High Street, the big supermarkets are diversifying - both Sainsbury's and Tesco now have more smaller sized convenience stores than larger, traditional supermarkets. An increasing number of people are also shopping online. Tim Muffett reports from a 'dark' store.

How online retail has changed the way we shop

11 August 2014 Twenty years ago, the first online transaction took place - and internet shopping was born. The BBC's Ben Thompson has been to one of the UK's largest e-commerce warehouses in Milton Keynes to find out just how much it has changed the way we shop.
How do you reinvigorate a heritage brand? It's a question that has long marred CEOs, business strategists and some of the world's most astute marketeers. This month CNN's "Leading Women" sits down with Denise Morrison, the CEO and President of Campbell Soup Company to discuss how she took the firm forward by reinventing the iconic brand.
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