Sunday, 22 April 2012

Global Teen - Unit 5 - Ask Zac Efron.

You are going to interview Zac Efron for the school newspaper.

Ask Zac his full name.
Ask him his age.
Ask him where he was born.
Ask him his parents' names.
Ask him if his father is a doctor.
Ask him what his father does.
Ask him if he has brothers or sisters.
Ask him his brother's age.
Ask him if his brother is an actor, too.
Ask Zac's date of birth.
Ask him if he can drive.
Ask him if he would like to visit Brazil.
Ask him if his girlfriend lives in Los Angeles.
Ask politely if you can ask him a personal question.
Ask him if he could sing when he was a kid.
Ask him if he is shy.
Ask him if he was shy when he was a little kid.
Ask him his best friend's name.
Ask him if his best friend liked High School Musical.
Ask him when he met his best friend.
Ask him what young actors should do to be famous in Hollywood.
Ask him if he had a dream when he was younger.
Ask him what his mother thought when he decided to be an actor.
Invite Zac to visit your country.
Ask him when he came to your country.
Ask him how often he travels abroad a year.
Ask him how often his girlfriend calls him a day.
Ask Zac what book he is reading.
Ask Zac what his hobbies are.
Ask Zac how he will celebrate if The USA team wins the football world cup.
Ask Zac where he will spend his honeymoon if he marries his girlfriend.

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