Friday, 13 April 2012

Global Teen - Lisa in London - Beginner Level

Global Teen - Unit 3 - Reading: Lisa in London

Where is Lisa from?

What is Lisa’s last name?

Where is she going to study English?

How long is she going to stay in London?

Where is she going to stay in London?

When she arrives in London, does she know which school she is going to study?

Who gives her a tip about a good school in London?

What is the name of the school?

Where is the school?

Why does the secretary of the school say, “Sit down. Michael is coming.”?

Who is Michael?

Why did Michael confuse the school with the studio?

Who is Miranda?

Who is Mr. Craig?

Why does Mr. Craig want a model?

Why doesn’t Mr. Craig accept Miranda as the model?

What color is Lisa’s hair?

Why did Mr. Craig like Lisa so much?

How does Michael try to convince Lisa to be a model?

What would Lisa like to be after studying English in London?

Who helps Michael to convince Lisa?

Why was it safe to take the photos near many lions?

How long does Michael need to take all the photos for Hairspray?

What two gifts does Michael take to Lisa to convince her?

What idea did Michael have to finally convince Lisa?

Why is Hong Kong mentioned in the story?

When does Michael tell Lisa that he loves her?

Why can’t Lisa stay in London with Michael?

What two facts were important for Lisa to accept that she can be a model?

What was the end of the story?

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