Sunday, 4 March 2012

How to Motivate Others

Motivational speaker Bob Kriegel explains the difference between managing and leading people in your organization, and how to motivate others.



Female: Want to motivate your team? Motivational speaker Bob Kriegel knows how. First, you need to find out what makes each person think. People are motivated by different things. Figure out what it is and watch your organization soar in new heights. Bob: I hate the term managers because manage means manage. I like the term leaders. You know, you want to lead your people not manage. Manage is all like holding them down. See when I lead them. One of the things that is most important for a leader is to understand how do you motivate your your people, how do you get them excited. And one time I was working at the Chicago Bulls many years ago and Mike Ditka was the coach then and Mike was in a press conference and somebody said, “How do you motivate all of these guys?” And Mike said something that was really at my thought. He said, “Well, first of all, you got to realize that everybody is different. Everybody is different.” And then he added, “I have developed three strategies, some guys you got to kick their butts. Some guys you got to kiss their butt and some guys, you got to wipe their butt.” He said, “But the key is to know who is who.” And you have 10 people, 20 people, and five people working for you. You have to realize there is no one strategy that is going to motivate everybody. Some people are motivated by money. Others by recognition, some by girls, some by community, and some by fun, millions of things, motivate some. The key for you as a leader is to really understand your people. Just understand your people and rather than delegating authority what you want to do is elevate them. And the way you can elevate rather than delegate is you can understand what is it that makes this person attend? So, basically, if you are a high-tech person or a low-tech person, if you sell underwear, your role as a leader is really to understand that essentially, you are in the people business and the better you understand and the better you connect with your people, the better your whole lot operation is going to get. Female: do you know how to motivate people? Share your best advice and cautionary tales right here on People Jam.

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