Saturday, 6 August 2011

According to a new poll many smartphone users would rather give up sex, hygiene or their significant other for a week than their smartphone.


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How much do you love your smartphone? More than sex? Your significant other?! Personal hygiene?! According to a recent study many would choose their phones over all of the above. At least for a little while.

WTVJ Miami explains.

“One third of the nation says that they would rather be sex free for one week than ditch their cell phone. The phone war survey also showed 28% of iPhone users would rather refrain from seeing their significant other than give up their phone. 22% of people would even give up hygiene, saying bye bye to their toothbrush and hello to who’s on the other line.”

And the survey, which polled nearly equal numbers of men and women may have some more disturbing news -- depending on your sexual preference. CNET explains.

“That's especially bad news for anyone who's a fan of females, because 70 percent of those who say they'd choose their phone over sex are women.”

But hold on, it gets worse. The study also found that 21% of users would go so far as to give up the very shoes on their feet for their phones. According to Wired -- even shoeless, dirty and anti-social -- these iPhone fetishists wouldn’t have to look too hard for companionship.

“Those hordes of of bad-breathed, corpulent, barefoot singles wouldn’t be alone for long – 83 percent percent of iPhone owners think other iSheep make the best romantic partners. The same went for 70 percent of Android customers who prefer their own type.”

So is all of this device devotion a problem? It must be. Even writers at smartphone blog, PhoneDog, are begging us to stop the insanity.

“I understand the importance of cell phones; I write about them for a living and I eat, sleep and breathe mobile tech. But even I -- a self-proclaimed addict to the nth degree -- am not so attached to my phone that I would give up essentials like my computer, shoes and toothbrush.”
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