Sunday, 3 April 2011

Why Microsoft struggles to innovate.

Key vocabulary:
1)to struggle
1. To exert muscular energy, as against a material force or mass: struggled with the heavy load.
2. To be strenuously engaged with a problem, task, or undertaking: struggled with his math homework.
3. To make a strenuous effort; try hard: struggled to be polite.
4. To progress with difficulty: struggled through the novel.

2)assessment = evaluation; estimation

3) tough
1. strong or resilient; durable: a tough material
2. not tender: he could not eat the tough steak
3. having a great capacity for endurance; hardy and fit: a tough mountaineer
4. difficult or troublesome to do: deal with a tough problem

3) To come up with
To bring forth, to have an idea, discover, or produce: as in ‘She came up with a cure for the disease.”

4) To catch up
1. To move fast enough to attain the same progress as another; draw even: He caught up to the leader on the last lap of the race.
2. To become equal with another: He finally caught up with his brother in height.

5) To keep at
To persevere in work or an action, stick with it. As in “Don’t give up: keep at it!”

6) by and large
in general; on the whole, in short


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