Sunday, 3 April 2011

Video: The Coolest Ferrari Ever—Drive Carefully

The 651-horsepower, $300,000 Ferrari FF doesn't care about prettiness. What it does best is speed. In short, it is absolutely the coolest Ferrari of all time, says columnist Dan Neil.

Key vocabulary:

a) stand for = to represent or mean, as in FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.

b) a couple of = more than one but indefinitely small in number; "a few roses"; "a couple of roses"

c) to boom

1. To grow, develop, or progress rapidly; flourish: Business is booming.
2. To cause to grow or flourish; increase.
3. A time of economic prosperity.
4. A sudden increase, as in popularity.

d) clientele

1. The clients of a professional person or practice considered as a group.
2. A body of customers: a restaurant's clientele.

e) problematic

1. Posing a problem; difficult to solve: a repair that proved more problematic than first expected.

2. Not settled; unresolved or dubious: a problematic future.


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