Saturday, 19 March 2011

Nasdaq has eyes on NYSE.

Nasdaq may be gearing up for a hostile bid to take over the NYSE, which already agreed to merge with Germany's Deutsche Boerse.


Nasdaq has eyes on NYSE.

  1. How much did Nasdaq bid for NYSE?

  2. 10 billion dollars
    5 billion dollars

  3. What seems to be an obstacle to the takeover?

  4. An agreement with London Exchange.
    An agreement with Deutsche Borse.

  5. What will happen to NYSE if it fails to merge with Deutsche Borse?

  6. It will have to pay a high break-up fee.
    It will have to pay 10 billion dollars to Deutsche Borse.

  7. It is the first time Nasdaq has tried to merge with another exhange.

  8. True

  9. According to the video, the stocks at Nasdaq are...and NYSE are....

  10. low - high
    high - low

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