Saturday, 26 March 2011

Have you ever been in an accident?

Paul from England talks about a time he was in a crash.


Paul's accident.

  1. What nationality is Paul?

  2. American.

  3. Has Paul ever been in an accident?

  4. Yes, once in France.
    Yes, once in Thailand.
    Yes, once in England.

  5. Why did Paul have an accident?

  6. Because he was driving too fast.
    Because he wasn't wearing a helmet.
    Because he was riding on a very bumpy road.

  7. Why wasn't Paul seriously hurt in the crash?

  8. Because he was wearing a helmet.
    Because he could take control of the motorbike.
    Because he could stop before hitting a large rock.

  9. How did Paul explain why he was involved in this accident?

  10. He was driving too fast over the speed limit.
    Roads are too bumpy in that country.
    He was too young and irresponsible at that time.

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