Sunday, 20 March 2011

Macy's New Strategy



  1. What led Macy's come up with its new strategy My Macy's:

  2. They were losing market share for 15 consecutive months.
    Their sales fell for 15 consecutive months.
    They needed to update the store for more local taste.

  3. Why did they create a new position, the district planner?

  4. In order to identify and reposition local tastes and needs.
    In order to gain more market share.
    In order to manage local sales.

  5. Why was Chicago mentioned in the interview?

  6. A city which had very low sales in the last 15 months.
    A good example of how effective the new strategy can be.
    A more conservative city which is the target to Macy's.

  7. My Macy's has so far proved to be

  8. successful
    too early to evaluate

  9. In short, what is the new strategy of Macy's?

  10. To adapt to new tastes and needs of customers.
    To update its stores to a more conservative customer.
    To adapt stores to local tastes and needs to meet customer demands.

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