Sunday, 3 October 2010

Selected articles.

US issues travel alert for Americans in Europe

Intelligence sources say al-Qaeda plans to carry out attacks in the UK, France and Germany
The US government has warned its citizens in an official travel advisory to be vigilant travelling in Europe, amid fears of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack.

Sinopec of China buys $7.1bn stake in Repsol Brasil

Chinese oil firm Sinopec is to pay $7.1bn (£4.5bn) for a 40% stake in the Brazilian energy projects of Repsol.

Not depressed, just sad, lonely or unhappy

Cases of depression have grown around the world. But while awareness of the illness has helped lift the stigma it once attracted, have we lost touch with the importance of just feeling sad, asks Mary Kenny.

Mid-life crisis begins in mid-30s, Relate survey says

A receding hairline may be the least of a 30-something man's worries
Work and relationship pressures make the mid-30s the start of many British people's unhappiest decade, a survey suggests.

Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

Tyler Clementi was a first year student at Rutgers University in New Jersey
A New Jersey college student has leapt to his death a day after authorities said two students secretly filmed him having sex with a man and broadcast it over the internet.

J.K. Rowling hints to Oprah there could be more 'Harry Potter'

Latest unemployed: Stimulus-subsidized workers

Tens of thousands of low-income workers lost their jobs Thursday as a stimulus-subsidized employment program came to an end.

Creative Management Practices for Making Work Work

Smart companies are coming up with bold ideas to keep employees engaged, while offering them ways to faciliate career and lifestyle changes

Is modern life a bar to marriage?

New Labour leader Ed Miliband has said he intends to marry partner Justine Thornton but that political events have prevented them setting a date. So, does modern life get in the way of marriage?

Teen slang: What's, like, so wrong with like?
Actress Emma Thompson says young people make themselves sound stupid by speaking slang outside of school. But while the use of the word "like" might annoy her, it fulfils a useful role in everyday speech.
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