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Career coaches: worth the investment?

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Career coaches: Worth the investment?

By Rachel Zupek, CareerBuilder.com

(CareerBuilder.com) -- In the current state of our economy, more than 15 million people are unemployed. That's 15 million people who are all looking for a little help in the job search, writing a résumé, interview advice, networking or even finding a new career.

Many times, people who need job-search help hire a professional. Career coaches and counselors are usually certified professionals who focus on career exploration or choice, changing careers or helping you improve your résumé and perfect your interview skills.

In the 2009 International Coaching Federation Global Coaching Client Study, 15 percent of coaching clients said career opportunities are the most important reason to hire a coach, compared with business management (14 percent) and self-esteem or self-confidence (13 percent).

The study, which included input from more than 2,000 coaching clients in 64 countries, also cited more than 80 percent of respondents indicating a positive change in areas such as interpersonal skills, work performance and team effectiveness.

While career coaches can definitely be a useful resource, good advice doesn't come cheap. In a 2007 study by the coaching federation, which focused on coaches rather than clients, the average fee for a career coaching session was $161 per hour. Depending on your financial situation and employment status, considering you want more than one session, that's a high investment.

Although some people think their investment in a career coach was a waste of money, others think it was money well-spent.

Sixty-eight percent of individuals surveyed indicated that they had at least made back their initial investment in coaching in increased earnings from personal salaries or investments, or through increased savings through debt reduction, according to the coaching foundation study, which was conducted by Association Resource Centre and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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