Tuesday, 21 September 2010

iTunes for music.....or is it?

September 9, 2010
iTunes for music... or is it?

iTunes is called that because it's about music downloads ... or is it?
By Max Foster

You can also download apps from iTunes, and the analysts Aysmco says app downloads may soon overtake music downloads. By the end of the year, music and app downloads are likely to be balanced at 13 billion each, a month. The App Store has reached this point twice as quickly as the music store, so you can only imagine where this business is heading. Steve Jobs has predicted the App Store is going to be a billion-dollar marketplace, but even that may be looking conservative at current rates.
Jobs has now taken the bold move of opening up the Apps Store to other suppliers, though under pressure from developers. Those developers can now use software from Apple rivals to build apps for Apple products (iPhones, iPads, etc) and sell them through iTunes.
With a wider offer, the App Store will be an even bigger marketplace, and probably and even bigger business. Maybe time for an iTunes rebrand? 'iApps' works for you?

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