Sunday, 3 May 2009

Using xtranormal to write compositions.

We teachers know how much students dislike writing compositions. So why don't we make this homework more fun? I asked students to make a short video about a person's life and his daily activities. What is interesting for us teachers is that to make this video, the students have to write the script(so the writing skill is being tested) and what's more: not only do they have fun doing the homework but they also explore all the language skills, ie reading, listening, writing and speaking. Good to work in pairs or individually. Here's an example:

I asked students to make short videos about a person's life. They had to:

describe the person: name, nationality, place of birth, occupation, etc

say about his daily activities using adverbs of frequency.

Here's an example of a short video made by Bruno, a 15-year-old student of mine who is studying Face2Face Elementary Unit 3.

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