Monday, 4 May 2009

aMap: Great idea for argumentation!

aMap is short for 'argument map'. The idea's very simple - to get more people arguing by mapping out complex debates in a simple visual format.

aMap has been developed by Delib and friends to promote the art of arguing.

At its heart, aMap is about helping people get to grips with complex (or otherwise) issues and get people thinking.

The underlying structuring of aMaps is based around “informal logic” - this is the logic people use to argue in everyday life. Informal logic has a four-tiered structure:

- Your position (I think . . .) - what you think overall
- Propositions (Because . . .) - reasons that support your position
- Arguments (As . . .) - supporting arguments that back up each of your propositions
- Evidence (Supported by . . .) - supporting evidence to back up your arguments

for further information, click here.

This is one example I did with my students. Move your cursor and move up and down to read the arguments, such as BECAUSE, AS, SUPPORTED BY, etc for students to add their arguments.

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