Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lesson Plan: Middle class.


AIM: Ability to discuss a point of view, contrast ideas, exchange information.
SUBSIDIARY AIM: Listening, Reading and Speaking skills

WARMER: Strike a conversation with the students – e.g. it struck you how many people were shopping last time you’ve been to the mall.
Do not start the topic yet.

LEAD-IN: Elicit opinions about why people shop, under what conditions, differences in the consumer profile, the rise of the middle classes in the market, etc.

TEACHING STRATEGY: I strongly recommend you to split the class in two, since we have two articles to read. One article deals with the rising middle class in general, its origins, its reasons and consequences. The other one deals with the middle class in Brazil. Students are supposed to present their speeches and be ready for a discussion. By exchanging information, they will be able to grasp the idea broader and deeper. Elicit pros and cons and further comments on the topic. You can also prompt opinions by giving them key words related to the topic.

THE VIDEO: The video can be shown, either before or after the reading of the article. I’d do it after the reading for it would foster a good source of reconsideration of their own prior opinions discussed in the speeches.

Exploring the video can be made as follows:

The usual: according to the journalist…. What does he think……?
Playing the fool: As you could not understand it, ask the students to re-tell the report.
Dictogloss – a good tip if you feel the discussion is beginning to drag!
Role-Play: One student will be the reporter asking questions and another one will be the expert on the topic.
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